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    A Leader, World Class Logistician, Coach, & Developer of Teams

    As a leader, your challenge is to create a workplace climate that not only encourages your people to give their best but also ensures that your team’s best gets better. Army Major General Vincent “Vinny” Boles helps you meet this challenge. As a leader of character with demonstrated credentials in accomplishing tough tasks and building successful teams, Vinny’s presentations and services offer practical tools and techniques you can begin using right now.
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Vinny's Blog

Read Vinny's insights on contemporary culture in his current blog post below.

Vinny Reflects on 911

Why Vincent Boles?

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Vinny’s expertise is in leading people and building the teams in large organizations to accomplish the toughest tasks (supporting our deployed sons and daughters) under the toughest conditions (combat).

Feedback From Viewers

October 9-11,
2014 Executive Leadership Summit

Comments from post event survey:

  • "Loved It!"
  • "Great ideas to take away with us. Fantastic!"
  • "Lots of good lessons"
  • "Provdided excellent leadership points that can be implemented quickly."
  • "Very engaging"
  • "A good contrast from the other speakers"

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Who's Listening to Vinny?

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Vinny's Messages on Leadership and Logistics Excellence have resonated across the country to audiences of 40 to over 4,000. Here are just some of the groups that have had the opportunity to hear Vinny.

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